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WWE Smackdown Supershow 02/21

Tonight's Smackdown Super Show starts off with the World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan who will probably never tire of lauding himself constantly. He is rudely interrupted by The Miz - who surprisingly sucks up to Bryan badly, stating he was always sure Bryan would become an awesome champion, him being his mentor and so on ... Thankfully, Sheamus interrupts the two heels and thinks the are a good fit since both are losers. Bryan slaps Sheamus in the face once then walks off with his sweet girlfriend AJ.

After the commercial break, we witness the first match: Sheamus against The Miz. After an intense battle, Sheamus hits the Celtic Cross (which he probably inherited from fellow Irishman Finlay) to win the match.
Winner: Sheamus (5:50)

Teddy Long is flirting with Aksana again when Mr Lauriniatis and his partner Otunga enter Long's room. Teddy grants Lauriniatis his request for an office room by offering him a very special office which will be easy to find since it has a M-E-N sign ... More importantly, Otunga promises to beat Ezekiel Jackson again later on Smackdown.

Now it's time for some tag team action: Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger beat Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in a short tag team match when Ziggler nails the Zigzag on Kofi. Yes, it makes sense to show random teams if you have tag team champions; but then again, the champions themselves lost to the losers of today's tag team match ...
Winners: Dolph Ziggler & R-Truth (02:44)

In what must be a very bad joke, Khali annihilates Drew McIntyre - really? WWE seems really keen on giving McIntyre the same loser streak storyline which had one worked really well with MVP's career ... or hadn't it?
Winner: The Great Khali (00:32)

Now Mark Henry and Big Show collide again. Fortunately, their match is not the main event so the ring must keep intact this time. During the painfully slow brawl, Cody Rhodes suddenly arrives at the entrance and presents a movie about Big Show's sumo wrestling embarrassment. Henry fails to take advantage of this opportunity and gets knocked out by Big Show's WMD. Apparently, we can now "look forward" to Big Show vs Rhodes at Wrestlemania. Poor Cody ... Allegedly, Mark Henry has conveniently furnished his old midcard room again.
Winner: The Big Show (05:40)

Surprisingly, Otunga can overwhelm Zeke again with his Verdict! But Zeke should really learn one thing: If you get pinned, please don't fold your arms behind your head like you're taking a nap. It looks stupid. Otunga on the other hand has become an important part in both shows and he has developed a really good character. 6 months ago, he was thought to be on another future endeavour list ... times surely have changed.
Winner: David Otunga (01:20)

CM Punk shows why he's not only the best in the world in terms of wrestling, but also because of his micwork: First, he will sue Bryan for copyright infringement if AJ shaves her head. Next monday on RAW, he will address Jericho face to face - but right now, he is going to teach Daniel Bryan a very important lesson: How to lose a match!

Ok, folks, THIS IS WRESTLING! Champion vs Champion, Bryan vs Punk, 100% wrestling. John Cena could learn how to sell his opponent's actions by studying this match. Both wrestlers show excellent mat wrestling and cool counters almost every second. Bryan seems to get the upper hand by focussing on Punk's left arm. But as Punk is afloat again, Bryan intends to leave the action - just to bump into Sheamus who throws Bryan back into the ring where is greeted by vicious and decisive kick from Punk.
Winner: CM Punk (09:55)

Wait, it's not over yet. Lauriniatis decides to restart the match because of Sheamus' interference. Great, more wrestling! This time, Bryan pins Punk via roll-up (with quite some help from the ropes)
Winner: Daniel Bryan (04:03)

Not so fast, playa! Teddy Long now restarts the match again because of Sheamus' unlawful rope trickery. Hooray! This time, both pin each other after a breath taking superplex counter combination.
Winner: Draw: (05:11)

As expected, Lauriniatis announces Bryan as winner of the match while Long raises Punk's arm. In the aftermath, both general managers are close to attacking each other but then Long leaves the ring and Smachdown is over.

Wow. What a match, what a finish. The bookers really came up with a clever plan. Impressive, for once. Now, we are all craving for a huge Champion vs Champion confrontation which will headline a PPV. Sweet dreams indeed. Please give Punk and Bryan half an hour at least to show the world what wrestling really can be!

Apart from this match of the year candidate, the RAW vs Smackdown story between Lauriniatis and Long is still the focus of many segments, Sheamus still stands strong on his way to Bryan and Rhodes seems to have to climb Mount Giant at Wrestlemania. But as witnessed on RAW the night before, the midcard still needs some hard work and ideas.

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