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Santino Marella beats Jack Swagger via roll-up to become new US Champion (06:36). The match was chaotic because of interference all over the place from Team Vickie, Team Lauriniatis and Team Long.
New US Champion: Santino Marella

Eve beats Alicia Fox via a normal pin (00:34).

Chris Jericho & Daniely Bryan defeat CM Punk & Sheamus when Jericho outsmarts Punk in a double pin situation (11:49).

Big Show squashes The Miz with his WMD - even Cody's distraction couldn't help poor Miz (02:11).

Kane annihilates R-Truth via Chokeslam. After the match, Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere on Kane (01:26)



The opening segment with Shawn Michaels and Triple H: Two veterans who seem to have a mild disagreement who's the better man. Well played, sirs. The only problem is the following: Why on earth is HBK now the special referee - and why did he announce this pretty big stipulation in passing? We'll find out next week. Btw, cliffhangers at the beginning of a show are mean!

The GM situation: The tensions between John Lauriniatis and Teddy Long continue to rise: After having been ejected from his own show, Lauriniatis will have some vengeance on his mind, that's for sure (what a coincidence he will host the next Smackdown). Let's just hope Team Lauriniatis wins the war - while Tag Team Teddie is a good Face manager, Heel managers simply rule - and their rule is the perfect way for Faces to overcome all obstacles against all odds - that's how superstars are born.

The Tag Team match: It was good simply because it was the only real wrestling match in tonight's RAW. Plus, Punk, Bryan and Jericho were involved and even Sheamus was OK.

The Rock still delivers the most hilarious promos: All of his three funny promos were simply spot-on - that's The Rock who definitely deserves all the praise he's still getting from all over the world:

Here's him trashing Cena's merch, his ideas about time machines and a new revolution:

Put the crap where it belongs

Time travels

The Rock Revolution

 Quote of the Day: "John Cena went to town, riding on a pony, Rock stuck a feather up his ass and called him a jabroni" (The Rock)



Cena's speech in the empty hall: No, John, serious promos ain't your thing. And please stop quoting each and every movie with all this "winning is everything", "number one matters" banter ...

The Divas: So, Beth is champion yet she's never around. Same goes for talented wrestlers like Natalya or Tamina. Instead, we have to suffer the likes of Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox and the Bellas. Why, WWE, why?

Jack Swagger: He won the US title, and all of a sudden, both became meaningless. From the top of my head, I'd say he defended it only once in his squash against poor Justin Gabriel. Now he lost the title against Santino - yes, the fans go crazy, and yes, he deserves the title - but not like this! What has happened to build-ups for big matches - especially for title matches?

The Miz: Last year, he won in the main event of Wrestlemania. This year, he is on a losing streak and might be lucky to even be there! Ironically, R-Truth lost the next match, too. Splitting their tag team has proeven to be a pretty dumb move, especially in hindsight.

The Big Show: This guy is a pain. First, monsters should be heels. A grinning monster giant who likes babies (in the cuddling way, not in the feeding way) doesn't come off as a threat. Plus, it doesn't help Cody Rhodes is embarrassing Show week by week, making his own possible victory against Big Show meaningless. The whole story feels wrong.

The wrestling: There was only one match that really deserved to be called a match. For a wrestling show, this is by far not enough. Even for sports entertainment, the ratio between in-ring action and cutting promos is at odds with the concept. Yes, we're on the Road to Wrestlemania, but the WWE is still a wrestling company in the first place.



Zack Ryder & Eve, part 2: Well, it might be good for both of them to have at least a story, true - but does anyone still care about their 'love'?

Cena and Rocky face to face: Cena started his promo well, and he hit home some points - in the end, the crowd cheered him (culminating in the "Tooth fairy" chants). But as soon as Rock entered, Cena started grinning like a toddler who meets his hero for the first time. This grin was terrible - remember Paul London getting fired for grinning at the wrong time? Lucky Cena!

However, WWE is smartly playing with the crowds: There are actually people who really believe Rock gets nervous when he's looking at Cena ... Say what you will about Dwayne, but he really leaves the spotlight for Cena to shine.

Cena's party with the fans was a plain waste of time - Miz or R-Trtuh would have needed it much more ...

Kane vs Randy Orton: O look, Kane is a huge monster which cannot be beaten. Will Randy Orton really have a chance against the seemingly unstoppable big red machine? Kidding aside, it will end predictably at Wrestlemania: Orton will overcome the odds with an RKO out of nowhere - as usual. The match itself could be interesting though ...

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The Rock still delivers the most hilarious promos: All of his three funny promos were simply spot-on - that's The Rock who definitely deserves all the praise he's still getting from all over the world.

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