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Raw Supershow 2/20/12

by Michael Becker

After the events of†Elimination Chamber, all of us were anxious to see what would follow next on†RAW.

RAW†started off with Eve and the Bella twins. Eve was boasting and fantasizing about being an evil genius. She completely failed to realize either the camera nor John Cena; as a result, her her masterplan came crashing down on herself. Back in the ring, we see both of them again. Eve is sobbing and giving clear evidence she is a terrible actress while Cena seems sad he lost a "broski" and a "hoski" within one week. Poor Johnny ... while he leaves he is glad to be disease-free which makes Eve even cry harder.

After this terrible start, we finally see some action - the first match is the†Royal Rumble†winner Sheamus against the returning Mark Henry. Before you know it, Sheamus escapes the World's Strongest Slam and flattens Henry with the Brogue Kick. It seems Henry is back in his natural midcard habitat.
Winner: Sheamus (3:13)

John Lauriniatis and David Otunga try to impress Teddy Long in a remotely funny backstage segment. It ends with with the announcement of a 10 man battle royal as tonight's main event - strangely, 5 Smackdown superstars are allowed to compete for a WWE Champion shot at Wrestlemania. Oh, and Otunga will have to face a Smackdown wrestler yet to be named later on†RAW.

Next is the match Primo and Epico (with Rosa Mendes and the Tag Team titles) against Kofi and R-Truth. After one early hot tag, Kofi whirls across the ring to hit Primo with the Trouble in Paradise. It is always great to have worthy champions ...
Winners: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth (2:23)

Ron Killings will be another 2012†Hall of Fame†inductee. It's everyone's guess why: because of his "DAMN!" meme, his APA times or maybe because of his historic WCW World title reign in 1992 ...

Afterwards, we see Chris Jericho making a promise: "Tonight will be the end of the world as you know it" ... again? This time the world ends because he is going to win the battle royal. Does anyone get that? Also, Punk is not a worthy champion because Jericho was injured and so on ... you get the picture of this vintage Jericho rant

Now, David Otunga can prove his worth to Mr Lauriniatis. Tonight's opponent is the former monster Ezekiel Jackson. Poor Otunga. Somehow, Otunga manages to bring Zeke down with his signature spinebuster ... what's going on here?
Winner: David Otunga (1:38)

Now, it's getting dark. The Undertaker enters the ring - without most of his hair for the first time! He mocks Triple H for being a wuss and a coward and simply wants revenge. Remarkably, the audience dares to "what?" The Undertaker! The little game ends when Triple H enters the ring and ... Come on guys, you have to watch this promo. Even if you are not hyped for the match, here you can watch the last two warriors of their generation teaching everyone else a lesson in storytelling:

Taker vs Triple H

To sum it up: Both Attitude icons will collide at†Wrestlemania†- in a Hell in a Cell match. Let's pray to the wrestling gods they are allowed to show us everything they got. This is going to be serious MOTY material! As The Undertaker leaves the ring, we listen to Metallica's "The memory remains" .. could this be his new theme now? Could this be a sign of the Badass gimmick?

While everyone tries to catch their breath, Daniel Bryan is on his way to the ring to tell all of us stuff about the vegan role model of 2012 and such. He also has to prove to Santino his victory in the Chamber was more than just pure luck. Santino tries hard but he has to submit again as Bryan counters a roll-up into his patented LeBelle Lock after barely one minute.
Winner: Daniel Bryan (0:56)

Speaking of Bryan: He will face Bryan in another promising Champion vs Champion must-see match at Smackdown!

Divas time! Sadly, it's neither Beth nor Tamina, but we see the Bella Twins against Kelly Kelly and Aksana. After some twin magic, one Bella pins Aksana. Shamefully, this match was even longer than Bryan vs Santino.
Winners: Bella Twins (1:17)

We see John Cena again. But don't worry, men, it is a good promo this time. He is mocking his†Wrestlemania†opponent The Rock for not keeping his promises and neglecting the WWE Universe while Cena is always on the road for the WWE and his fans. Please, give us more of promos like this one. Cena is actually way more than just a super hero for toddlers slurping Fruity Pebbles - if he is given some freedom. If you don't believe my words, have a look yourself and admire Cena's speech (as rumor has it, it earned him a lot of respect backstage):

Cena's promo

Finally, it is the time for†RAW's main event and CM Punk as a guest commentator - hooray. The contestants are Big Show, R-Truth, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Santino Marella, Wade Barrett, The Great Khali, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and, of course, Chris Jericho. Thankfully, The Great Khali is the first to go after a combined effort. Next is The Miz ... After his elimination, it is time for some finisher galore - basically everyone hits his finisher. Santino uses the chaos to eliminate Barrett and R-Truth who have to catch Ziggler after a massive throw from Big Show. It ends badly: Ziggler hits the commentator table (but is eventually fine) but Barrett suffers a partially dislocated elbow - at the moment, it is unclear if he will be able to compete at†Wrestlemania†at all! Next to go is Kingston who jumps wildly on the turnbuckle, giving Jericho an easy opportunity to eliminate him. The Final Four are Rhodes, Big Show, Santino and Jericho. Rhodes eventually eliminates Santino, but Big Show disturbs his celebration by throwing him out of the ring. This leaves Show and Jericho, the former tag team partners. While they struggle at the ropes, Rhodes pulls Big Show down and Jericho wins another multi men match - but this time it's a sour taste. Or to quote Punk: "Jericho might really be the best in the world at what he does - but I don't know what this is".
Winner: Chris Jericho (12:17)

After the match, there's another staredown between Punk and Jericho yet no violence erupts.†RAW†ends with Cult of Personality and Punk standing tall.

Finally, we're accelerating on the Road to†Wrestlemania. While Undertaker vs Triple H has experienced a great build-up, The Rock has to answer to Cena next week. Jericho has to prove he still has the fire we have been missing since January, and Sheamus vs Bryan needs more than just the chest-beating Sheamus. As for the midcard, we can look forward to the always fast-paced†Money in the Bank†match and a possible tag team match between Lauriniatis' goons and Long's minions.

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