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Wrestlemania 28 Breakdown

by Michael Becker

Soon, we will witness some of the biggest matches on the grandest stage of 'em all ... Wrestlemania.This year, we have everything: The obvious fillers, matches which promise some great wrestling in the ring, a battle of the GMs for total control, and of course two matches who fully deserve the title 'Icon vs Icon'. Plus, we have a whole set of legends who will be introduced into this year's Hall of Fame: The Four Horsemen, Edge, Mil Máscaras, Yokozuna, Ron Simmons and Mike Tyson.

Also, let's not forget the poor sods who are either injured or not needed and will miss out on a big Wrestlemania paycheck: Christian, Alberto del Rio, Wade Barrett, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Kharma.

Let's have a look what we can expect from each match at Wrestlemania 28:



The build-up: Erm, somehow, the very same Eve who used to feud against Phoenix a couple of months back has become Beth's new friend because she's a hoeski now. OK. Next thing you know, both of them have a match against Kelly Kelly and Maria. Why? Erm, there was some twitter war, and Beth and Eve were invading Menounos' show when Kelly Kelly was there as a guest ...

What to expect: The only interesting thing about this match is Maria's injury. Will she be able to compete (with two broken ribs, the answer is probably no)? What will happen? Who will replace her?

Who will win? The faces.

MOTN potential: -10%



The build-up: After losing his momentum against John Cena, Kane attacked Orton all of a sudden. The reason was apparently some humiliation last summer. In return, Orton humiliated Kane via RKO week after week. Oh yes, and we know his name is Randy Orton!

What to expect: 10 minutes of holds, a little brawl outside the ring and a RKO out of nowhere.

Who will win? Randy Orton, of course.

MOTN potential: 0%



The build-up: After Elimination Chamber, Cody Rhodes started showing images of The Big Show's rather abysmal Wrestlemania history. In the following weeks, he started assaulting the giant time after time.

What to expect: Following the wrestling logic, Big Show will destroy Rhodes. Rhodes dominated all the time. Sadly, Rhodes' great talent is wasted against The Big Show.

Who will win? While Rhodes should win, Big Show will.

MOTN potential: 5%



Team Lauriniatis: David Otunga (Captain), Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, The Miz, Drew McIntyre
Team Long: Santino Marella (Captain), Kofi Kingston, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, The Great Khali, Booker T

The build-up: Two GMs struggling for control, heel vs face, one match to decide their fate. That's how you make a story. The reason for this match obviously is to put as many midcarders as possible in one match - but it is the unique stipulation which makes the match exciting - who will become the omnipotent GM of both brands?

What to expect: A bit of wrestling (Ziggler, Swagger, Miz, McIntyre, Kofi, R-Truth, Booker T), lots of pointless comedy (Santino, Hornswoggle, Ryder) and a controversial outcome.

Who will win? Team Lauriniatis.

MOTN potential: 5%



The build-up: Soulless describes it best. While Sheamus won the Rumble and went on a winning streak, Bryan was simply the Champion, stealing victory after victory. But we shouldn't forget Bryan's love interest AJ - is Bryan exploiting her love or is she just faking to be that sweet little innocent girl?

What to expect: Decent wrestling. And maybe AJ will interfer.

Who will win? It's the classical story - Sheamus dominates and wins everything, but then he loses against the Champ just before the PPV. Sadly, it would also mean that the boring and pallid Sheamus (who might become Cena 2.0 without the tan) would beat the amazing heel champion Bryan. There is a glimmer of hope though: AJ.

MOTN potential: 10%



The build-up: It started slow and weak, became strong with Jericho's personal attacks ... just to stumble with Jericho's idiotic 'bastard' accusation close to the finish line. What were they thinking? In a nutshell, it's a match not only for the title, but also to establish who really is "the best in the world".

What to expect: Pure wrestling. Hopefully. If they get enough time, this will be a solid MOTY candidate - if Jericho can break free of his trolling attempts and finally delivers.

Who will win? Now that's really a 50/50 situation. Jericho might stay for a longer run in the WWE, and Punk is supposed to be in the WWE title picture for some time - but if he is screwed by Lauriniatis once more it would immensely help his character. We need Punk with a stone cold attitude!

MOTN potential: 50%



The build-up: Weird. Taker wanted revenge because he could not walk from last year's Wrestlemania (although he won fair and square), Triple H refused but then accepted the challenge. All of a sudden, HBK announced himself the special referee for no apparent reason. And then, they were just talking. While the build-up was lacking in many aspects, WWE managed to highlight one thing - all three men respect each other but they also don't trust each other.

What to expect: Hell in a Cell is meant to be the playground for an epic, intense and bloody battle. Sadly, we live in the PG era. Well, at least, we can have an epic battle. Both men are veterans who know how to work matches - and the crowd. Plus, HBK is the special referee. The question is: Who will betray whom? Expect the tension between those three men rising by the minute.

Who will win? Taker. Triple H's ego can't be THAT big.

MOTN potential: 20%



The build-up: This is supposed to be the biggest match of the year - maybe the biggest match of the decade. The Attitude superstar against the PG superstar. The People's Champ against the Kiddie Cash Cow. Strudel against Fruity Pebbles. The conflict started in the beginning of 2011 when The Rock started verbally trashing Cena, culminating in an interference in the main event of last year's Wrestlemania. Then, Survivors Series 2011 saw the only appearance of Team Bring It - Cena and Rock united to put Boots to Asses and annihilate some midcarders (and finally, a well deserved Rock Bottom on Cena). Since then, the rivalry continued just verbally - exactly like a huge boxing main event. There was a lot of trash talking, a lot of sometimes weak, sometimes spot-on humor and the weird feeling both protagonists were holding back quite a bit in their promos.

What to expect: Pure entertainment. In terms of wrestling, we shouldn't set up our hopes too high. But in terms of entertainment and tension, this match where two wrestling worlds collide will captivate the millions and millions of WWE fans watching.

Who will win? It depends. If WWE has planned one match only, expect Cena to win. If they have planned a whole series of matches, The Rock will defeat Cena. Some people are speculating about a possible Cena heel turn ... some people never learn.

MOTN potential: 10%

That's quite a card we have here. Stack up on chips, beer and pizza before we get to see what is supposed to be the biggest Wrestlemania ever.

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