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Creative Has Nothing for You – Mason Ryan

By Steven Byrd

Welcome to the very first edition of Creative Has Nothing for You!!!!! In this weeks issue we will look at the poor use of Mason Ryan.

Debuting January 17, 2011, who at first glance looked like Dave Batista, as the muscle of the New Nexus Mason made an instant impact by helping CM Punk defeat John Cena by DQ. From there Mason would go on to be the out of control beast of the New Nexus until he was punt in the head by Randy Orton, who had done the same to several other members of the New Nexus, in March.

Mason was off WWE television until April, 11 2011. Upon returning besides stopping Orton from earning a WWE Championship did absolutely nothing until May 2, where he seemed to return to his monstrous ways by taking out the current Tag Team Champions, Kane and the Big Show. After an unsuccessful attempt to win the Tag Team Championship, with CM Punk, Mason suffered an injury and once again was off WWE television to recuperate.

While recovering from his injury the New Nexus was abruptly ended during the Summer of Punk. Mason would return on the September 8, 2011 edition of WWE Superstars to defeat JTG. On September 26, 2011 appeared to be at the beginning stages of a fued with Dolph Ziggler. This feud went absolutely no where.

Mason would to continue to float on Raw until Survivor Series in November. After his appearance at Survivor Series Mason was once again taken off WWE television, and only wrestled in dark matches and house show for the remainder of the year. Mason returned to WWE Superstars on January 19, 2012 and team with Santino Marella to defeat Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. He is now on a losing streak, being defeated in back to back weeks by Jack Swagger and Tyler Reks.

WWE Creative clearly has no clue what to with Mason Ryan. They continue to go back and forth with want to push Mason. With his look and size Mason could be greatly utilized as an Upper-Midcarder. It is currently unknown how good his microphone skills are but he could easily be given a manager, similar to how they did Brock Lesnar. Despite currently being on a losing streak, on WWE Superstars, Mason could easily become relevant by being added, as the muscle, to team Teddy Long in the GM vs GM feud. Another use for him is to be put with Eve to take out Zack Ryder.

At the age of 30 Mason Ryan has a huge upside that is currently going to waste. Hopefully Triple H and company have plans for Mason in the near future and do not turn him into the next Chris Masters. I pray that he does not end up on the post-Wrestlemania future-endeavored list, then again he could be a main-eventer in TNA. Until his future is revealed I hope he does not become the next victim of Brodus Clay.

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