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The Butler Review

by Tiana Suber

I believe that everything Oprah touches turns to Gold. The Butler is no exception, it was pure gold and worthy of an Oscar. Forest Whitaker plays Cecil Gaines, a man who takes us on a journey of his life from his childhood in the cotton fields to being hired to work as a butler in the White House. Throughout his life story we learn about his struggles trying to make it in a world that didn't accept him. We also learned more about the private thoughts and backstory of laws/policies of each president he served from Eisenhower to Reagan; and finally we were also reintroduced to the ugliest parts of our country's history, parts that were essential to the growing pains of our country.

What I liked most about this story is the relationship between Cecil and his oldest son Louis Gaines, played by David Oyelowo. They showed two men fighting for the same cause but in different ways. Cecil with "his work hard and you will succeed" way and Louis with his more radical "in your face, black power, we need change now" way. I like the way they intertwined both stories, not making one story more important than the other. Each of their stories made an impact on our country and the lives of African Americans. Each character had a major impact on the movie. None of the characters were out of place or played a pointless role in the movie. Surprisingly enough Cuba Gooding Jr. was the comedy relief in the movie. I don't think he is funny (like ever) but he was hilarious in this movie. From start to finish the movie had my eyes glued to the screen. Sometimes, at intense moments, I was even talking back to the screen.

The only things I didn't like were Terrence Howard and some of the actors they chose to look like certain presidents. Terrence Howard because he played the same jerk he always plays. They always make him play a sleaze ball character that everyone hates.  Robin Williams wasn't even close to looking like President Eisenhower. He looked like some old man they found in the buried tunnels of the White House. Also a definite "no" on John Cusack playing Nixon. He looked like John Cusack with a long rubber nose.

I would advise anyone young or old, black, white, yellow, or brown to go see this movie. Although some parts were intense and uncomfortable it was a true depiction of our history. I believe no one should miss out on this very Oscar worthy movie.

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