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  Game Title Date Published Author Platform Score
  Max Payne 3 2012/07/02 Ryan Teece XB360 7
  Mass Effect 3 2012/07/02 Ford Flynn PS3 8.9
  Batman: Arkham City 2011/10/22 Craig Collins XB360 9.5
  Cathrine 2011/08/18 Craig Collins XB360 8
  Duke Nukem Forever 2011/06/20 Craig Collins XB360 4
  Gears of War 3 2011/10/09 Craig Collins XB360 9
  Soul Calibur 5 2012/02/29 Craig Collins XB360 7.7
  Street Fighter X Tekken 2012/03/16 Craig Collins XB360 8.6
  Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 2011/12/08 Craig Collins XB360  
  Grand Theft Auto 4 2010 Greg McDougal XB360  
  Battlefield 3 2012/02/14 Branden Sails PC 7.5
  Left 4 Dead 2 2010 Alysha Henry XB360 9.65
  Sonic Generations 2012/02/14 Branden Sails XB360 9
  Mass Effect 2010 Steven Byrd XB360 9.5
  WWE 12 2012/02/14 Michael Becker XB360  
  Saint's Row the Third 2012/03/03 Zak Wojnar XB360  
  Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 2012/02/12 Zak Wojnar PS3 9
  Heavenly Sword 2009 Greg McDougal PS3  
  Final Fantast XIII-2 2012/03/04 Greg McDougal XB360 8.1

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Ridge Racer Vita Review

For as long as I can remember, racing has been something as alien as the bad-guys numerous action/sci-fi romps have asked me to combat.

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Raw Supershow 3/5/12 Results

The Rock still delivers the most hilarious promos: All of his three funny promos were simply spot-on - that's The Rock who definitely deserves all the praise he's still getting from all over the world.

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UFC 144 Aftermath.

The UFC made a long anticipated return to Japan for UFC 144 and did not disappoint. Many Japanese fighters along with former PRIDE fighters were on the card for Japanese fans to witness.

Movies/Television »

Safe House Review.

Safe House is your standard "cat and mouse" action thriller. I wasn't expecting it to blow my eyeballs out of their sockets with its action scenes, or have the hamster that powers the wheel keeping my brain functioning to spin off its axis.

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