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Mass Effect
by The Byrd

From the foundation of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic rises the Mass Effect trilogy. ME is a third-person Shooter RPG. ME starts off with the creation of your character. You are able to not only customize the look of Commander Shepard (Main Character), but his class as well. After creating your Shepard you are off on your first mission to Eden Prime. By the end of your first mission the tone for the rest of the game will be set. From there on out you will spend the rest of the game searching the universe chasing Saren.

The people at BioWare put a lot of work and thought into the graphics in Mass Effect. Delivering some of the best graphic seen on consoles at the time Mass Effect is one of the best looking games of this era. ME is more than just stunning graphics though It is driven by its story. As you make your way through the ME Universe you will overhear random conversations. Those conversations are not as random as they seem. Between the overheard conversations and completions of the many sidequest you will gather a lot of information that might not make sense until you play ME 2 or 3.

Aside from trying to stop Saren you also must deal with many social issues. One of the biggest social issues that ME addresses is racism. Though it’s not black and white, the human race is actually united. In the ME Universe you will come across many races, humans, Salarians, Turians, Volus, Keepers, Asari, Elcor and many more, some with greater social status then the other. Some are just trying to find their place in the universe.

Mass Effect is one of the best games on XB360 even four years after its release. If you enjoy Science Fiction, RPGs, Third-Person Shooters, or just a great story then Mass Effect is a must play. So if you haven’t played Mass Effect get out to your nearest video game retailer and pick it up today.

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