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Left 4 Dead 2 Review


by Alysha Henry


If you have played Left 4 Dead, I’m sure you’ve wondered how much more different the sequel can be. Offering 4 new characters, Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle travel together in 5 new campaigns that will have your heart racing. Its improved game modes and innovative zombie classifications such as the Common, Uncommon, and Special infected, bring this game to a whole ‘nother level.

Melee weapons are a must have. Options like the machete and frying pan leave u wondering how you survived the first game without them. Being able to single handedly fight off a horde by merely charging the infected with a chainsaw is ultimate paradise. Other items like the defibrillator which allows you to revive a fallen comrade, an adrenaline shot that gives you a life-saving speed boost, and vials of boomer bile are more additions that are useful to the gameplay. The Hunter, Boomer, and Smoker are now joined by three new disturbing Special infected that add more competition. The Charger rams through the survivors, the Spitter vomits pools of noxious acid, and the Jockey mounts a human’s shoulders and steers them into nearby hazards. New “uncommon” infected like the flame-retardant HazMat suit zombies and heavily armored SWAT team zombies give more challenges to the survivors.

The amplification of both the infected and survivors makes for some of the most riveting, action-packed multiplayer you’ll play. The Versus mode is now balanced with six special infected types to choose from. As a survivor, you’ll scream in aggravation as a Jockey manages to pull you off the edge of a building while your fingertips are also being by eaten away by the noxious acid of a Spitter. The new Scavenge multiplayer mode, has survivors collecting gas cans under an allotted time across six maps, with the infected doing everything in their power to stop them. Intense turmoil routinely abrupts around the generator as you struggle to pour gas into it. This well-rounded, exhilarating multiplayer will have you coming back again and again.

The big question . Is Left 4 Dead 2 worth your hard earned cash? And my answer…. HELL YES! Its hardcore game play will have your gamerscore sky rocket, not to mention all the cool avatar awards. It’s a solid game. Running around and blasting every god forsaken thing in your path is just one of the many reasons to pick it up. This game is totally awesome! It definitely is a legit form of preparation for when the real apocalypse arrives.

Overall Rating: 9.65

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