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Microsoft changes policies on Xbox One heeding the call of gamer's everywhere


By Craig Collins

After weeks of hate and fits of rage around the internet Microsoft seems to have finally heeded the threats of the web and raging fans. Today Microsoft completely made a 180 on the policies involving online DRM, used game sharing and always online, an action that shocked the world and has changed the vastly negative opinion of the company  for many gamer’s. Microsoft first revealed that they would be restricting used games and sharing at their spike tv conference two weeks before E3. The news was very shocking to most gamer’s since it is a very odd departure in action and idea from the moves that made the Xbox 360 system a fan favorite. What followed was what seemed like an eternity of horrible press for Microsoft as a company. Many feared that Sony would make a similar move to online DRM and similar policies at E3, but to everyone’s surprise E3 was Sony’ big turning point revealing that the PS4 would have no such restrictions, and leaving the Xbox one with another black eye. Microsoft attempted to recover with their E3 showing but the theme of the day was anger toward their new policies and PR foul ups like this one from Microsoft exec Don Mattrick.

But as of today Microsoft is changing their tune on all the regulations they set in place last month, hoping that appeasing the gaming masses has given them a less odious view with the Xbox One’s release date less than six months away. Even with the understandable role reversal on Microsoft’s  part there are many questions left to be answered, but if there is one message to take from the day its that the gaming community is far more smart, savvy and powerful as individuals and as a group than most of these developers and companies realize. Using not just the internet but our collective wallets we have sent a very clear message to Microsoft that we do not support the policies they tried to inflict with the Xbox One. And it is that kind of tenacity, and raised voice that will be necessary in the future, first Sony and now Microsoft in different years have shown us that when these two companies gets too complacent the results can be disastrous for the consumer. Today we send the message to them that contrary to popular belief, WE the consumer hold the power….

But what do you think of the recent events with Microsoft? Are you  now excited about the Xbox One and have the changes that have been made swayed you from purchasing a ps4 to buying an Xbox One? Let us know in the comment section below!

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