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Sony E3 Press Conference Impressions

E3 2013 has been quite the event so far. The reason the expo is so noteworthy is because of what it means for so many people. To some E3 is a showing of exciting new games and an opportunity to peek behind the veil and see some of gaming’s future, for others it is like a sporting event comparable to the Superbowl or the NBA Finals. Yesterday night when Sony stepped on stage in LA with the gaming world watching they perfectly illustrated what E3 meant for them. An epic title fight with microsoft to prove they would be the people’s champion, with the hearts and minds of the gaming universe going to the final victor. Sony came out and showed the world some very compelling reasons to pick up a ps4 this holiday, as well as its commitment to  continue to support the ps3 and psvita systems with new titles  like the walking dead 400 days by Telltale games and rain for the vita.


Sony later went on to show some new trailers for a host of new games like Gran turismo 6, Batman arkham origins, infamous; the new killzone and many other third party titles. As the conference progressed Watchdogs and Black flag also had very strong showings with active demos being played on stage. But all this seemed like the pre-game or round one of the hypothetical grudge match many fanboys had pictured between ps4 and xbox, and then sony brought the rain. After showing us the ps4 for the first time Jack Tretton stepped onstage and laid into microsoft with sony’s pre-owned game policy with a tenacity that would have made any ufc or boxing fan proud.


Sony came out showed great games and answered all the big questions gamers had for them about pre-owned and drm

Jack made it clear ps4 will have no restrictions on used games or sharing and there is no always online like the new xbox demands. Along with a ton of new features like streaming game footage on ustream, sony put on a spectacle for gamers to enjoy and then closed out with the final dagger, the ps4 will be $399.99 this holiday season. But the question remains is ps4 the best place to play? Sony has put forth its best efforts to make the answer a definitive yes. All I would ask is for gamers to remember that he who wins E3 does not necessarily win the console war, that will be decided in the coming years with games and advancement on the systems but this is one hell of a start for sony.



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