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Street Fighter X Tekken

Over the fighting game generations Capcom has set itself apart from the competition by making great games and putting thier signature fighters in different crossover series. Ryu Ken and the Street Fighter crew have traded blows with a multitude of opponents. From earth's mightiest hero's and villians in the Marvel franchise, the Kings Of Fighters, Darkstalkers and even the son's of sparta from Devil May Cry. Ryu has truly earned the tittle of world warrior but how will he match up against the competitors from the king of iron fists tournament?

Street Fighter x Tekken looks to answer that question in what is easily one of the most anticipated and hyped games of this fighting generation. While the game can look intimidating and difficult at first with all the tagging and cross arts sfxt is very user friendly and relatively easy to pickup and play. In the presentation department Street Fighter x Tekken is visually beautiful, taking on a similar art style to Street Fighter 4. Backgrounds look amazing and change as the match goes on and all of the Tekken and Street Fighter characters look spot on from their previous incarnations.

Capcom does a great job integating all of the Tekken characters into the game and making them fit in the Street Fighter engine and gameplay mechanics. Seeing Kazuya, Jin and the rest of the Tekken cast in a 2d platform immediatly lets you know your not in the king of iron fists tornament anymore. Its really intriguing to learn how these traditionally 3d characters move and function in Street Fighter X Tekken, for some characters like Jin playing on a 2d battlefield gives them a huge advantage since there is no such thing as a sidestep and if anticipated rolling is not advised. 

Sfxt is a very solid tittle and a welcome member of the growing fighting game family that started with Street Fighter 4 back in 2009. Arcade mode doesint have much in story but what it lacks in that department it makes up for with fun and addicting gameplay, two players can team up and take on the cast leading to some crazy cooperative play. Offline there is also versus, training, trail and mission modes to sharpen you skills and help build your team, but online is where the game kicks into high gear.
Teaming up with friends and playing online matches easily is one of the most exciting aspects of Sfxt, you can also go to the briefing room and practice together to perfect the games many and damaging combos. The game also boasts a channel mode where you can watch videos of gameplay, and a scramble mode that can be played on and offline that is reminiscent of super smash bros.

Overall Street Fighter X Tekken is a great fighter that sets itself apart from others with an iconic cast and very well done gameplay mechanics. Capcom seems to be learning from previous mistakes and has put the extra effort into making Street Fighter X Tekken great and it shows in every aspect of the game. While there are online connection issues from my experience they are few and far between, also since its release there have been rumors of hidden characters left on the disc and a minor sound problem. At this point all we can do is hope Capcom patches the game soon and resolves these issues but the game is still great and a lot of fun to play. Sfxt is arguably one of the best fighting games of this generation, with fast and addicting team based gameplay it sets iself apart from the growing pack of fighting games by encouraging team synergy and creativity between two players to work as one unit. With strong game mechanics to keep the hardcore gamers happy, and a variety of gameplay modes, gems and simple commands to keep newcomers interested Street Fighter X Tekken gets a 8.6 out of 10

SFXT Rating 8.6 out of 10
+Awesome graphics
+Tekken casts fit into the game perfect
+Cross arts add flashy gameplay and a higher level of strategy
+Tag modes on and offline promote teamwork and add another level of fun and excitement that you dont see in most games
+Amazing gameplay

-Wierd sound glitch
-If your new to SF there is a learning curb
-Connection problems

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