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Konami Pre E3 impressions

By Craig Collins

E3 is quite literally a few hours away depending on when you read this article and while everyone is hyped about the games that will be shown in LA some might have missed the Konami showing on the 6th. Konami showed of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and Castlevania Lords of shadow 2, as well as talking about  work they have done putting DDR in schools and helping fight Diabetes (slow clap) here is the show and my thoughts on it to get you in pregame mode for E3 later today


0:00 - Introduction

3:20 - Digital Market

4:58  - Social Casino Apps

5:30 - PES 2014

10:30 - Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain

15:20 - Castlevania 2

26:05 - WTF did I just watch...

28:30 - Outro

-Interesting new fluidity sports engine, but will it be utilized for all sports?

-PES 2014 looks good

-mgs5 phantom pain looks amazing

-Kiefer Sutherland as snake is AWESOME!

-Im interested to see how the fox engine will run in game

-Castlevania LOS2 seems to have a morality engine like bioware titles

-With the abscence of Darksiders and the decent of ninja gaiden LOS2 can gain ground with less high level competition

-LOS2 seems to be following the G.O.W franchise very close in execution with the dark brooding vengeful hero type

-To much text in the LOS2 trailer

-@26:15 WTF konami???  

Leave your thoughts of Konami Press Confrence in the comment section below.

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