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Ouya Park Incident

With so much madness and hype over E3 the past few weeks a lot of smaller stories seemed to go by the wayside. In the wake of all of the new tech info, rumors and top stories inside LA expo a lot of people missed out on a Microsoft vs Sony like conflict right outside. Ouya park was right across the street from E3 for the entire event  to show off and build support for the little android system that could. But it seems like the ESA (entertainment software association) did not appreciate the thought of the kickstarter origin system sitting across the table from the titans of gaming, or across the street for that matter. When Ouya park set up across from E3 in an open parking lot they had a street team, DJ's and free beer along with showing off some of the titles for the system. Gamer's and even Developers dropped by to take a look at what is building to be the new buzz in gaming, that's when the ESA decided to play hardball. The ESA rented two 18 wheeler's and placed them in lots in front of and behind Ouya park to block people on street level from seeing the event.

The ESA used two semis to block Ouya park from view across the street from E3, is the ESA afraid of the Ouya's potential?

The Ouya team countered by renting out the spaces in front of the trucks and adding on to the Ouya park display with a bigger area and more banners, resourceful moves like using empty trailers as gaming booths helped keep Ouya park up and running. A while later when the ESA found out about the counter moves by the Ouya team they decided to get the LA police department involved. Cops arrived on the scene and requested to see the Ouya teams permits in a final attack by the ESA to shut down the Ouya teams presence at E3. Julie Uhrman founder of the Ouya said all the moves made my  were to block the view of Ouya park at E3 and the arrival of LAPD was just another move in the ongoing conflict with the ESA.

Cops arrived on the scene in the ESA's final attempt to shut down Ouya park.

In spite of the conflict Uhrman has full confidence that she and the Ouya will actually be a part of E3 next year instead of its opponent. With all of the decisions made at E3 attempting to block Ouya park it would seems that the system is drawing more attention than ESA would initially give credit for. But what do you think? Is the ESA afraid of the Ouya and its $100 dollar price point? Will Kickstarter help systems like the Ouya eventually get popular or powerful enough to rival Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft? And is an opensource system like the Ouya the future of gaming??? Leave us a comment below and if you have friends who are interested in the Ouya and all things gaming share this article and  let them know about our  Facebook page.

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