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Gears of War 3 Review
by AKA Carnage51

Brothers to the End

After what seems like an eternity in waiting epic games and Microsoft studios once again reunite to bring us the third installment of gears of war, and it has been well worth the wait. The game continues the storyline set by the previous two installments following Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago and Augustus Cole a.k.a COLE TRAIN BABY!!!!! WHOOOOOO!!!! As they continue to fight off the locust armada and Marcus continues his search for his father. The story is very well crafted and while I wont give away any endings don’t be surprised if u find gears getting the halo new trilogy treatment sooner or later. While the story is a good appetizer with a dash of closure, the main course for gears of war games is always the multiplayer and this time around it is better than ever, thankfuly shotguns have been regulated and multiplayer should be a mutch more level playing field. The addition of new weapons like the retro lancer and the sawed off shotty also help to round out the gaming experience. 

The standard team death match, capture the flag now called capture the leader and other suspect game variants are in gears of war 3 but by far the biggest attractions to the online multiplayer has to be the revamped horde mode and the all new beast mode in GOW3.

The reason these two game types stand above the rest is because they demand a level of teamwork and strategy that most games simply don’t. In horde mode you and your fellow Cog must fend off the locust onslaught for 50 rounds, with locust getting boosts like extra health and dealing extra damage as the rounds go on, with each kill you will earn money you can use to boost your defenses as you defend your position from the locust. A new addition to horde mode in gears 3 is the inclusion of Boss monsters, every 10 levels you will be faced with a boss monster from the story like the brumak and berserkers
(A revamped horde mode including boss monsters will push ur gears skill and teamwork to its limits)

this adds a really nice change of pace to what at times can feel like going through the motions after wave and wave of enemies. Beast mode is the newest game type in gears3 where you take control of the nightmarish locust horde and set out to destroy the remaining gears and stranded, unlike horde mode beast mode is timed and this really adds a level of strategy forcing you to use the money you have wisely when selecting what locust you will control. You can add time by killing the gears and destroying their defenses along with killing key characters from the story, which is pretty awesome in itself. Overall gears of war 3 is a great game the main story and multiplayer combine for an amazing experience and with downloadable content for multiplayer and an extension to the main story in the works you can expect gears to remain in your gaming library for quite some time. Gears of war has been a great series, it and halo along with a few other great tittles have combined to make the xbox 360 into the must have console for gamers. We don’t know if there are any serious plans to continue the series but it is a must have in every 360 gamers library…

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