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E3 Console Battle: Winner and Loser

By Craig Collins

After the trench warfare that was the first day of the conference, E3 is officially in full swing. As of yesterday the internet is ablaze with new information of all of our favorite games that got announced or new trailer that got revealed. Now that the major players have spoken to the gaming world  we have full information on the new systems we will be seeing this holiday season. So with all the conferences over now is a good time to see who had the most impressive showing so far. Here is who I think were the winners and losers of E3!!!



I find it increasingly  ironic how strong and yet unnoteworthy Nintendo's message to their fans ends up being at E3. Like past years, Nintendo was the horse with blinders on, ignoring the raging battle overhead with Microsoft and Sony and simply running their race; and appealing to the Nintendo fans. This year at E3 was no different. One thing that I found interesting was Nintendo opting to hold their press conference on a completely different day than Sony and Microsoft. Further highlighting how different and separate Nintendo's message is compared to the other system manufacturers. While the big 2 have their franchises like Halo and Uncharted to help illustrate them, Nintendo is clearly defined with a host of household names in their library and no game shows that better than Super Smash Bros which had a trailer reveal at E3. Nintendo also revealed Pokemon X & Y  Super Mario World 3D and Pikmin 3, all offerings that show Nintendo's simple yet effective game plan. A constant focus on making the games their fans love. They may not have had the flash or bravado of  Sony and Microsoft but its not necessary since they are not in direct competition with anyone but themselves and the gamer's expectations. With the Wii-u already out and their gaming lineup set I expect Nintendo to continue to build on all of the different iconic franchises they own.

Verdict - Winner

Nintendo: E3 2013 winner



Ahh Microsoft, what can be said about this dark road you have taken? Like watching the star wars prequel trilogy we knew of your share restrictive, used game abolishing, always online path you touted would bring order to the gaming galaxy. The writing was on the wall after your pre E3 conference two weeks ago, and ever since you have been trying to convince yourself and others that you are still a fair and just republic; and not the evil restricting empire that stands before us.  All light-saber jokes aside Microsoft had a strong showing, they showed off some awesome trailers and previewed some good games. In fact I should  be telling you based off E3 alone that the new Xbox is one of the winners here. Unfortunately given the new policy's Microsoft has chosen to undertake that force consumers to always have an internet connection, only share games once, and links games to accounts, that's a really tough call to make. With gamer's across the internet raging and many less than flattering remarks and memes toward the system and company, Microsoft has a lot of damage control ahead of them.

Verdict - Loser

I have nothing more to say than go home xbox....your drunk



Coming into the conference Sony and the PlayStation 4 had one job and one job only, play the clearly appointed hero role to the Xbox One's villain. With Microsoft earning all the hate filled ire of fans across the web two weeks ago, all Sony had to do was get their message across and keep from having a monumental collapse, and they would easily be hailed as the winner of the console race at E3. Sony did that and much more showing off awesome game trailers from multiple games and active game play. Assassin's Creed IV: Blackflag, Destiny and Watchdogs  were all on display with active game play.  And then came the fatality of E3. Sony came out and brought the fight to Microsoft sticking it to them with their used, sharing and online policy's. Yes, Sony is clearly a winner for filling the role of non restrictive  used game-sharing-and online savior. What will really be telling is how Sony reacts to having the leader position of the console race and how Microsoft will at some point respond.

Verdict - Winner

It was already in the bag for Sony at this years E3 all they had to do was not trip at the finish


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