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Super Smash Bros 4: Little Mac Breakdown

By Walter Johnson


Six days ago, the Smash Bros. Youtube channel released a new video announcing the addition of Little Mac to the Smash Bros. 4 cast. While the extended animated intro for the Punch Out star was awesome (and hilarious, when it came to comparing his size height against series staple Samus,) the video reveals a lot about what this character will be bringing to the table when Super Smash Bros. 4 releases. Let's break it down piece by piece and see what we can learn.

The first thing to note about this video is the amount of voice acting present in the video. While Little Mac himself doesn't speak, his trainer does throughout most of the video. Combined with the extended animated intro, this might be a glimpse into what SSB4 will be offering in terms of story sequences. But more importantly, let's discuss how he fights.

The first thing that you'll notice is that Little Mac is fast. Really fast. His land speed appears to be a fair match for Captain Falcon's, his jump speed is fairly quick, and many of his moves come out in the blink of an eye too. He also appears to regain control faster after a dodge roll, allowing him to weave in and out of attacks and respond much like, well, a boxer would. Combine this with a few moves that appear to cover significant distance, and Little Mac will be a difficult contender to stay on top of.

Movement isn't everything for a boxer though; they need to have hard hitting punches and some defensive ability, and Little Mac appears to deliver these in spades. It appears that his standing, spammable jabs can be comboed out of with an uppercut (and possibly other moves.) Other attacks in his repertoire gain significant horizontal distance when used, one does so with a leap that appears useful for dodging and simultaneously punishing poorly-timed projectiles, and another that appears to shrug off incoming damage while charging, allowing it to be used to endure an attack in exchange for a powerful retaliation. His Final Smash appears to be similar to Bowser's which could be potentially devastating with such a quick character. And of course, Little Mac's signature Star Punch makes a comeback, usable after building his KO meter and dealing immense damage and knockback.

As a character designed around speed and firepower, defense may be his downfall, though he isn't completely without options. The aforementioned charge punch in the video seems to endure attacks to set enemies up for a retaliation, he has a standard-issue counter (a la Marth,) and his dash appears to place him low enough to the ground that he passes below many projectiles. Unfortunately though, he appears to be comparatively light, and his aerial recovery is hardly impressive. His downfall may be that he plays like a glass cannon, capable of dishing out tons of damage but unable to take much himself.

All in all, he looks like an interesting addition to the Smash Bros. team. I'm excited to see how he'll match up with other contenders, and his KO meter system for the Start Punch points to the possibility of other interesting and new additions being made to other Smash characters to further the diversity and depth of the game. We'll know for sure when Super Smash Bros. 4 releases later this year. The link to the video is below is you'd like to watch it yourself, feel free to point out any tidbits I may have missed, or share your opinion on the character in the comments.

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